Pinot Noir is one of the ancient grape varieties of the village of Fontaine Denis. It has been cultivated for centuries and, until the 1940s, was used to make light, quaffable wines drunk mainly in local bars or transported via the Seine for consumption in and around Paris. Our climate, and a better understanding of our soils, has enabled us to perfect our cultivation and vinification of the Pinot Noir variety and produce a champagne that exudes fruit, depth and complexity. Caractère, our first Blanc de Noir, may come as a surprise but for us it was an obvious move.


Grape Varieties

100% Pinot Noir


Exclusive selection of our best Pinot Noirs, primarily from Les Limons and Coutinaux vines. Only one barrique has been made. Matured in our cellars for more than 70 months, like its sister cuvée, Extrême


1 gramme / litre – EXTRA-BRUT

Ageing on lies

60 – 72 months

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Between the Champagne plain and century-old oak forest, Fontaine Denis is settled in a coast in the middle of the vineyards.
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